Summer means your garden is in full bloom!  You can appreciate what you have grown, take in the beauty of your flowers and enjoy the vegetables and fruits you have grown.

We want to remind you to pinch off spent blooms for continuous flowering, fertilize as needed and keep the soil moist during the long, hot days.  At Lakeside Garden Gallery, we want you to enjoy your garden all summer long.  So drop by for tips and advice on ways to keep your garden looking fresh and fun!

Water gardens are one of the most popular forms of outdoor expression.  The sight and sound of water add an appealing element to any garden.  Our water garden experts can assist you in choosing the right pond pump, liner, water plants and fish to create your perfect pond or improve an existing one.

Lakeside Garden Gallery carries a wide selection of outdoor patio furniture and d├ęcor to create your dream outdoor great room.  Show off your beautiful gardens to guests and enjoy entertaining friends and family in a beautiful outdoor setting.  Summer is the time to bring out the cool drinks, relax and enjoy the beauty around you.