DIG IT – May 15

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Giuseppe: Hey Carmelo, I think I want some french fries with my jalapeños burger!! That would go real nice.

Carmelo: Yeah!! Good idea!! I think that if we plant a piece of potato with an “eye”, the potato will reproduce, creating plenty more.

Giuseppe: LET’S DO IT!!!!!

20170422_140504Hello everybody! This is our fourth entry for our gardening blog. In this blog, we will plant potatoes. The trick is to plant a piece of potato with an “eye”. The “eyes” on a potato are root like sprouts that produce “tubers”. A tuber will eventually make one or more new potatoes. You need an eye in order for a new potato to grow.

This week we have also transplanted the healthy tomato and pepper seedlings that20170422_143046
we grew from seeds.  We have repotted them into bigger, but still small pots. We did this because the plants that were healthy and big enough needed to have their own pot to grow more efficiently and faster. We will eventually transplant all of the germinated peppers and tomatoes.

Carmelo: Hey, Giuseppe. What about when we need to transplant the vegetables into a garden?


Giuseppe: Our grandfather (we call him “Nonno”), has just shown us the part of his garden that he will allow us to take over.

Carmelo: That’s great!!

Giuseppe: Yeah, but the next time we meet, we have to clean it up and prepare it for OUR plants. There is still growth from last year that we will need to remove before we can get started preparing the soil.


Stay tuned for next time, when we will transplant our seedlings into the ground.  We will continue to tend to the potatoes we planted, and properly prepare the garden.

See you soon, Joe and Melo