Dig It – March 8, 2017

Hello, this is Carmelo and Giuseppe.  Thanks for joining us on our journey.  This is entry 20170313_111753two of our blog.  We started the seedlings using these materials: a 25 liter bag of potting soil, four types of seeds, three potting trays and one pack of seed identifier sticks.

We chose the seeds of Bonnie Best tomatoes, Sweet peppers, Jalapeno peppers and Black Beauty eggplants.  We chose these seeds because they have a longer germination time and the 20170313_113113seedlings will be just the right size when it is time to plant them outside.  The Jalapeno peppers were chosen by Giuseppe.  He likes to put them on his hamburgers!

To begin, we first filled each potting tray with soil and made sure the soil was even.  Next we got a couple of pens and used the flat end to make holes in each individual section.  We then got our seeds and placed one seed per hole.  Afterwards, we covered the seeds with soil and 20170313_120159lightly watered each tray until the soil was moist.  We wrote the names of the seeds on our seed identifier sticks and placed them alongside the seeds.  Finally we covered each of the three trays with a plastic dome to allow exposure to sunlight and to prevent the plants from drying out.

We are very excited and hyped about this project.  Check out our pictures.  Join us next time as we continue to tend to our seedlings and plant some more.  I am thinking a mixed greens salad will be delicious alongside Giuseppe’s 20170313_120455Jalapeno hamburger!

Come join us, sincerely,

Giuseppe and Carmelo J