Dig It – June 5, 2017

Its June 5th, and we have finally planted our vegetable garden!!!!!! :)

Hello everyone, this is Joe and Melo. This is the 5th entry of our blog. Today we will gladly share some lessons we have learned about planting.

We learned that when you plant onions, you have to wait 2-3 days before watering the little plantlings. You do this because you need to give the onion buds some time to settle into the soil. My grandfather told me this.

20170611_111754We learned that when you dig a hole to put the small plants in, the hole should be around 9-12 inches deep. This is good for the plants because the roots have more stability and when being watered, the water will pool and the plants will get more time to drink the water. My mother and aunt told this piece of advice.

We learned that the first time you water the small plants, you should minimize the pressure of the water coming out of the hose. You do this because you don’t want the fragile leaves of the plants to get damaged. 20170611_113908

We learned that when you transplant baby plants, you should always take out the bottom roots, just so the ones on the top could develop. You do this because when all the roots of the plants are in play, the plant will get stronger and it is less likely that the plant will get malnourished. The roots will be encouraged to expand downwards.

We learned that when you transplant peppers and tomatoes, you should leave at least 9 to 12 inches of space between each hole. You do this because each plant needs space to grow and develop on its own. You also don’t want two plants merging, because if you have two plants, as opposed to one, you will most likely get more produce.

Lettuce needs shade. You must plant it in an area sheltered from the sun, like under a fruit tree.

20170611_113157 Finally, we learned that the holes in which seedlings are planted must be shaped to allow the capture and flow of water downwards towards the plant.  Almost like a bowl.

These are just some of the tips that we have learned when we planted our veggie garden.

Thanks for reading.  Catch up with us soon as we share how our garden is doing.


Joe and Melo J