Dig It – November 28, 2017

Hello everyone!  This is Joe and Melo.  This is going to be our last blog entry for 2017.

The growing season is over and all the fruits and vegetables have been harvested. We planted lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, onions, basil and parsley.  We used the lettuce, tomatoes and onions in salads.  We used the basil and parsley for pesto.  The pesto will be used for topping pasta, or for seasoning soup over the winter months. Our grandmother used the peppers we planted for topping home-made pizza!  We also planted potatoes.  We used the potatoes for making french fries, which tasted AMAZING!!! Thank you for tuning into our blogs. We had LOTS of fun.  We learned so much.  We will definitely do it all over again next year.  We look forward to learning more!




























Thank you for joining us for this journey.

Until we “Dig-It” next year,

Carmelo and Giuseppe

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